​Tube and Cooler Rentals

​Tubes and Coolers are only available to rent for

Full Day Adventure B

All Tubes are single person rentals and a minimum of 2 must be rented together.  All Tubes and Cooler Floats are connectable. 

We have 24 Tubes and 8 Cooler 

Floats Available for rental.

Tube and Cooler

​Rental Rates

​Full Day Adventure

B: $25.00

Cooler Float $15.00

Price includes Life Jacket.

​*NO PETS Allowed on Tubes*

​Full Day Adventure - C

​Kayaking and Canoeing

The Flat Rock Boat Launch to Hull's Trace Boat Launch at the mouth of Lake Erie.

This Adventure is approximately 9 miles and Adventurers are given 7 Hours to Complete.

This is our take out location for ​Full Day Adventure - C 

​​​Half Day Adventure - A


The Flat Rock Boat Launch will be used as our launch sight for our

Half Day Adventure - A 

Flat Rock to Dodge Park

​This Adventure is approximately 4.5 miles and Adventurers are given 4 Hours to Complete.

Kayak Rentals in Flat Rock

​Please Call us at 734-379-9912​ ​if you have any questions and to Schedule your

H2E River Adventure.  Transportation Pick-Up is at Dodge Park or Hull's Trace.


Canoe Rentals in Flat Rock

H2E River Adventures in Flat Rock

Full Day Adventure - B


The Flat Rock Boat Launch will be used as our put in sight for our

Tubing Adventure - B

Flat Rock to Dodge Park.​This Adventure is approximately 4.5 miles and Adventurers are given 8 Hours to complete.

This is our take out sight

for Adventures - A and B

Canoe Rentals

​Canoes are available to rent for both

Half Day Adventure and Full Day Adventure.

​All Canoes are minimum 2 person rentals and can accommodate up to 2 additional children.

Canoe Rental Rates

Half Day Adventure

A  $30.00

Full Day Adventure

​C: $40.00

​Additional Children/Pets:

$10.00 each

​All prices include 

Life Jackets.



Kayak Rentals

Kayaks are available to

rent for both

​Half Day Adventure and

Full Day Adventure.

​All Kayaks are single person rentals.  All Kayaks have a dry box to store your valuables.

Kayak Rental Rates

​Half Day Adventures

A : $25.00

Full Day Adventure

​C: $40.00

​All prices include

​a Life Jacket.

​*NO PETS Allowed in Kayaks*